The HERoS project launches an ICU capacity data visualisation tool

Nyheter, januari 20, 2021

HERoS partner Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) has developed an online tool to visualise occupancy rates at intensive care units in different countries and regions of the European Union between February and November 2020. It is based on datasets from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) as well as national health authorities. Availability…

What does NHG’s internationalization mean for our customers?

Nyheter, september 24, 2020

We at NHG have been investing in our operations in the Nordics as part of our growth strategy. Our aim is to offer solid expertise in social- and healthcare and international benchmarking possibilities for our customers. This summer, we have taken two remarkable steps in our internationalization: first, we acquired Denmark-based Health Innovation Institute (H2I)…

Mika Kaartinen utnämnd som senior partner för Nordic Healthcare Group

Nyheter, september 7, 2020

Mika Kaartinen, specialiserad i kunderfarenhet och ICT inom hälso- och sjukvården, har utnämnts som senior partner för Nordic Healthcare Group i augusti. Mika har bred erfarenhet som sakkunnig inom vård och omsorg: de sista 15 år har han fokuserat på lösningar enbart inom hälso- och sjukvården. Innan NHG jobbade Mika på CGI som ansvarig för…

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