EU funded RadioVal research project aims to clinically validate radiomics-driven estimation of NAC response in breast cancer

Nyheter, oktober 20, 2022

The four-year research project started in September 2022 and is funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101057699. The RadioVal project will develop a comprehensive and standardised methodological framework for multi-faceted radiomics evaluation based on the FUTURE-AI Guidelines. The project consortium is led by Universitat De Barcelona, and the consortium includes universities, as…

Smart and customer-oriented hospitals – IHDA alliance takes Finnish hospital design excellence to Europe

Nyheter, augusti 30, 2022

Expert companies in Finnish hospital design and construction have jointly launched the Integrated Hospital Design Alliance (IHDA) project, which promotes the export of technically and functionally high-quality Finnish hospital design expertise to Europe. Internationally pioneering Finnish hospital design expertise is exported to Europe in an alliance that brings together healthcare experts and service designers, architects…

New CEO James Campbell accelerates Nordic Healthcare Group’s internationalization and growth

Nyheter, augusti 15, 2022

Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is growing and extending its international footprint. James Campbell has started as NHG’s CEO to accelerate and lead the next phase of the company as from 8th August 2022. Campbell has extensive international experience in life sciences, pharma, digital health, and social and healthcare consulting. Before joining NHG, he worked as…

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