Service Digitalization


New digital technologies change the ways in which health and social services are organized, produced and used. During the transition, the key is to target the development resources for digitalization wisely.

Our digitalization services help service providers to use new technology appropriately and to allocate development resources to targets where they provide the most optimal operational benefit. We help our clients generate permanent benefits in terms of the availability, quality, efficacy and costs of services.

In a typical project, we prepare a digital strategy and a development roadmap for the client. Our expertise lies in the conceptualization and design of technology-aided service production and digital services as well as the definition and the governing in the implementation of information system projects. Understanding digital services’ and their impact is intertwined with our entire strategy and development work.

NHG’s digital services were strengthened further as, in December 2021, NHG acquired Finland-based Salivirta & Partners (formally Salivirta Oy), a well-known advisory organisation specialising in digital transformations in the health and social care sector (see press release for more information). Read more on our digital services on NHG Salivirta’s website.


Tommi Kemppainen

Senior Manager / +358 40 778 3689

The municipalities of Central Uusimaa formed a Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Healthcare to organize the healthcare services in the region; afterwards, service production will also be transferred under the Joint Municipal Authority. We helped the ICT preparation team of the Joint Municipal Authority to draw up a roadmap for the organization of data administration in the Joint Municipal Authority, the control of the data system as a whole and to support changes in service production.

The roadmap was compiled together with the ICT preparation team of the Joint Municipal Authority. During the project, interviews were conducted with leaders of service production preparation teams and participants of national projects and regional preparations, and the observations and preparations were brought together and discussed by a large forum.

As a result of the collaboration, the Joint Municipal Authority has a better understanding of the changes needed in data administration and data systems related to the establishment of the Joint Municipal Authority as well as the ICT needs in service production and the related prioritization and scheduling.

A Finnish company was considering expanding to healthcare alongside its traditional business operations. We created a strategy for the client’s Smart Health business and identified the client’s capabilities for entering the market.

The focus of the project was selected in workshops together with the client, based on analyses prepared by NHG. The most appealing options were selected to define the various ways to enter the market in more detail. During the project, interviews were conducted with international experts and the ways in which technology had revolutionized the market were examined.

The client’s management gained a thorough understanding of the market, its key changes and opportunities as well as possible ways that the client could enter the market. Due to the work, the client’s management received reliable grounds for future investment decisions.