Service Design


On the eve of major structural reforms, the role of service design becomes even greater. Freedom of choice, new incentive models and the need for more value-based health and social services require human-centered service development. 

Service design is based on a profound understanding of the needs, experiences, motivations and capabilities of individuals. This understanding serves as a basis for developing services and new approaches while utilizing methods of inclusive co-design and prototyping.

Kaufmann stands out from other service design agencies due to its insight into the health and social services field and its ready-made database. We rely on this database and more than 10 years of experience to delve deeper into the needs and wishes of service users and model solution alternatives that are effective across the entire system.

The areas of service design at NHG and Kaufmann are:

  • Customer experience surveys
  • Patient-centered care paths
  • Digital service development
  • Conceptualization of services and working models
  • Service marketing
  • Human-centered space planning


Petra Jäntti

Senior Partner / +358 40 768 4759

Tampere University Hospital (TAYS) has about 10 million support service events per year. Hospital staff often order support services on paper and using order systems designed by different providers, which is not expedient in a busy hospital environment.

Kaufmann designed and delivered a mobile application named Paketti (“Package”) to TAYS, enabling staff to place orders using a single application. Support staff have more time available when nurses can manage routine orders on the spot. A user-centred development model guarantees that the service meets users’ needs.

The service was created in two-week sprints, supervised by a steering group that meets monthly and a strategy team that meets twice a year. Today, the application is used in the TAYS Central Hospital, Coxa and Heart Hospital.