Education Services


Our practical training sessions provide our clients support from the best talents in Finland to implement and mobilize change.

NHG’s consulting, research and analytics constantly produce new data about the management of health and social services. Data we accumulate has also been packaged for planning and implementation of change projects in different organizations. Our training sessions highlight the practical application of the data particularly in terms of value-based approaches, freedom of choice and service design.

In addition to packages tailored to individual clients, we provide a Value-based Clinic for groups to run alongside change projects, diverse lecture and speaker services and a three-part (3 x 0.5 days) training package entitled “Application of the Value-based Approach in Management”.


Virpi Kronström

Director, Education Services / +358 50 5911 593

The research project consisted of developing an analytics algorithm which predicts the transfer of home care customers to round-the-clock service housing 6–12 months in advance.

The algorithm utilizes the indicators of the RAI system, which describe the functional capacity and health of a home care customer. Machine learning methods were used to search hundreds of individual RAI variables to identify the ones which best predict the transfer to round-the-clock service housing.

The algorithm proved to be accurate and was integrated into the RAI system. The data provided by the algorithm helps home care providers to plan and target services to those in most need. Targeted services make it possible to help the elderly to live longer safely at home and while staying within the sphere of home care services.

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