Social Services


The biggest challenge in social services is integration. NHG has experience in and evidence from multiple development projects where the effectiveness of even highly demanding social services has been improved.

Public social services are complemented by a multifaceted system of organizations with its peer and voluntary activities. Customers often have multiple simultaneous service needs, but the different services are not functionally integrated into a single service package.
NHG works with the end user groups of all social services. Our projects typically focus on developing the service structure, looking for cost savings and designing operational units and management models.

NHG possesses skills particularly in the development of cooperation in the social services, change management, customer guidance, cost analyses and knowledge management using e.g. predictive analytics.


Virve Jokiranta

Director / +358 50 346 7116

The aim of the commission was to analyse the present condition of the care chains and costs of young, 13–22-year-old substance abuse and mental health patients from Espoo. Espoo wished to streamline the service chains, requiring a thorough analysis of the present state of the services.

The project was carried out in cooperation with experts from the City of Espoo and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. It consisted of compiling data on customers’ care chains and service use as well as defining customer groups, care chains, costs and segments. Finally, the data was converted into solution models in workshops.

Care chains were analysed from the perspective of multiple different patient groups with a particular focus on the start of care and the subsequent service contacts. The analysis also involved multiple care chain analyses for example one’s for customers. Costs were examined customer- and segment-specifically as well as individually in terms of the most expensive customers.

NHG is the project manager of the programme to address child and family services in South Karelia. The programme (abbreviated LAPE in Finnish) is a key project of the Government, aiming to strengthen the well-being of children, young people and families.

As project manager, NHG is responsible for the steering and systematic progress of the entire project including coordination, the networking of participants, change management and daily support for project personnel in South Karelia.

As a result of the workshop activities carried out under the programme, cross-administrational cooperation within the South Karelia Social and Healthcare District (Eksote) has increased and cooperation networks have grown. In addition, customer inclusion has been strengthened and the methods used when working with children and families have been reformed.