Private Sector


We help private providers and other companies in the health and social services sector to succeed by developing the cornerstones of business from the strategy to business models, management and operations.

Whether you are service provider, company outside the sector with business interests in health and social care, pharmaceutical or device company, NHG is a preferred partner for building growth and success in the sector.

We combine our profound knowledge of the sector with solid expertise in management consulting. We delve into the development of the cornerstones of business with our clients on both a strategic and an operative level.


Vesa Komssi

Executive Vice President / +358 50 3317 978

A Finnish company was considering expanding to healthcare alongside its traditional business operations. We created a strategy for the client’s Smart Health business and identified the client’s capabilities for entering the market.

The focus of the project was selected in workshops together with the client, based on analyses prepared by NHG. The most appealing options were selected to define the various ways to enter the market in more detail. During the project, interviews were conducted with international experts and the ways in which technology had revolutionized the market were examined.

The client’s management gained a thorough understanding of the market, its key changes and opportunities as well as possible ways that the client could enter the market. Due to the work, the client’s management received reliable grounds for future investment decisions.

The client was a group operating in the construction industry in the Nordic countries for whom the Finnish health and social services sector is a significant business segment. We helped the client to understand the changes that the health and social services reform will cause in the sector and to anticipate the impact of the reform in segments in the construction industry that are relevant to the client.

NHG analysed the health and social services construction market in Finland and established a segment-specific picture of the market size, competitive conditions, dynamics and key drivers of change. A comprehensive statistical analysis and expert interviews served as a basis for forming a prognosis of the market development.

The project involved providing a factual impression to the client of the market development in health and social services construction and the effects of the health and social services reform. The client was able to use this to anticipate upcoming changes and to prioritize its future development projects.