We help private equity and other investors to make better decisions in the health and social services sector. Our consultancy is based on an in-depth knowledge of the sector and transactions, in addition to an analytical approach.

Our clients consist of Finnish and foreign private equity investors, real estate investors and institutional investors looking to invest in the health and social services sector. We serve as our clients’ trusted partner in investment decisions concerning the industry. We provide all of the relevant information required to support decision-making and due diligence processes.

NHG combines its thorough knowledge of the social and healthcare industry with its solid, analytical skills in management consulting and M&A processes. We have been involved in all of the largest corporate deals in the industry in recent years, carrying out due diligence either for the seller or the buyer.


Vesa Komssi

Executive Vice President / +358 50 3317 978

NHG supported a notable international private equity investor interested in purchasing a leading service provider in Finland by preparing a commercial due diligence report. This included a comprehensive segment-specific assessment of the Finnish health and social services sector and the impact of the health and social services reform on the industry.

NHG analysed the provider’s turnover and potential profitability by conducting a thorough market survey in the company’s primary market areas in Finland. The survey included a segment-specific analysis of the market size, structure, dynamics, drivers of growth, trends and competitive conditions. Additionally, using this analysis a growth prognosis was modelled. The project also involved the identification of potential risks and opportunities to create added value.

During the project, the impact of the health and social services reform on the industry in Finland was examined in depth. As part of the survey, a regional capitation calculation was produced, based on the operating expenses of health and social services centres in each municipality.

A leading Nordic service provider was planning to divest its health business operations and focus on its core business. A special challenge was posed by the health and social services reform under preparation, which added uncertainty to the growth outlook of the company’s key market. NHG produced a Commercial Vendor Due Diligence report for the client on the market and growth plans of the company’s health business operations.

NHG produced a detailed market survey on the present condition and development outlook of the market for the business to be divested and validated the company’s growth plan. NHG relied on facts to assess the development outlook of the market in a situation where the health and social services reform will be carried out and in a situation where it will not.

As a result of the survey, the client and the investment bank received a detailed report that helped to form a clear, well-founded picture of the company’s market, outlook on the future and growth plan. The report contributed to facilitating the company’s successful sale to a new owner within the timeframe intended.