Change management

Strategy and process planning is worthless without successful deployment and implementation. NHG supports healthcare and care organisations to renew and implement planned initiatives. Our extensive experience enables us to understand the culture and traditions of the health and social services, the interests of the different groups of employees, everyday challenges and likely causes behind change resistance. By supporting the transition phases, we guide our clients towards a successful implementation of efficiency, profitability and occupational well-being.


Project examples

The City of Tampere: home care supervisor coaching and change implementation

Ylä-Savo’s Social and Health Care Federation of Municipalities, the City of Kalajoki, Kallio Health and Social Services Federation of Municipalities, and Mediverkko Hoivapalvelut Oy: kotihoito 2020 – a 10-step programme for home care

Tuusula municipality: change in health and elderly care services for improved smoothness and economy 

Eksote: Change in oral health care reception models