On the ICHOM & NHG blog: Testing new payment model and planning evaluation of the pilot

NHG Näkökulmia


The Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) took a big leap towards value-based healthcare as they started a national stroke patient pathway pilot involving 4 out of 6 hospitals in Estonia providing acute stroke care.

In addition to hospitals’ development projects and outcome measuring and benchmarking, as part of the pilot project, a new payment model – the bundled payment – was tested for the whole stroke care pathway.

How does the payment model work? And what does the future look like as the pilot project is coming to an end in 2022? We asked EHIF’s Head of Specialist Care Department Tiina Sats, Chief Specialist Mariliis Põld and Analyst Mait Raag.

Read the blog post on the ICHOM & NHG blog.


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